2018 1/10th Bitcoin with Red Leatherette Etui Box

2018 1/10th Bitcoin with Red Leatherette Etui Box


BTCC Mint 1/10th Bitcoin in presentation leatherette

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BTCC Mint V Series coins are the ideal physical bitcoins. Created with pure spacecraft-grade titanium, these are unique in their design, and nearly impossible to counterfeit, making BTCC Mint coins the ultimate collector’s item.

Our Mint coins come direct from the BTCC Pool – uncirculated, and limited in quantity.

Each BTCC Mint coin includes a tamper-evident orange hologram sticker with the coin’s bitcoin private key underneath it (These coins are mined in 2018 and contain BTC). There is a serial number that begins with V, in this format (X is a digit): VXXXXX.

These physical bitcoins are definitely one-of-a-kind. Safely store your precious investment by bringing one home today.

This item comes in an acrylic case and a red BTCC leatherette etui.



Diameter: 38 mm

Thickness: 3.25 mm

Weight:  16.7 grams

Material: Titanium


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