2016 25K Bits Poker Chip C Series BTCC Mint (Pre-Fork)

2016 25K Bits Poker Chip C Series BTCC Mint (Pre-Fork)


The 2016 25K bits Green Poker chip from BTCC Mint.

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2016 Collectible 25K Bits Poker Chip C Series. This chip is not available online through BTCC Mint anymore. This coin contains all the forks that took place after 2016 including Bitcoin Cash.

 Bitcoin Chips are BTCC Mint’s fifth series of bitcoin collectibles. The weight and careful crafting of the chips gives them a solid grip and sure feel in the hand.

Each 25K-bit chip has a serial number that begins with C, in this format (X is a digit): CXXXXX.


Diameter: 39 mm

Thickness: 3.30 mm

Weight: 13 grams

Material: Premium clay composite



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